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Property Settlement - Conciliation Outcomes

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Ex wife won't make a return offer

Hello. 2 months ago my ex and I attended a court conciliation conference led by the Court Registrar. Interestingly my ex wife and her solicitor phoned in rather than attend despite not seeking permision to do so which was noted by the registrar but she still allowed the conference to continue. I feel the process was comprrimised due to this.

We couldn't reach an agreement despite the registrar indicating my offer was "very generous" and indicating to my ex that what she had originally sought was significantly out of range. At the last minute my exs solicitor made an offer closer to my offer which the registrar noted as "in range" but we didnt agree.

Following this I then submitted our previous offer as a formal offer within 28 days as per the process indciating the reasons behind my offer. Since that time I have not and still have not recived any indication from my ex as to what she now wants and she has dismissed her solictor saying he made the offer at conciliation without her permission!!

I want to settle out of court within reason but as what I think my ex wants (not actually exactly sure of the amount as she has never stated so I assume it is as per her original affadavit) exceeds all reality I don't know what to do now. Because she hasn't rebutted my offer with her own offer as per division 10.1.2, do I now have no option but to go to court? Will it be bad for her because she hasn't followed the division? Although I am the applicant I have done all I can to keep it out of court.

I am planning to act as a SRL in this case.  
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