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Query on whether previous case notes can be reviewed and do i do it?

Hi again

I have seen mention of people view court documents at court.  From the wording it appears that it is in some room where I may be able to photocopy existing paperwork.

My query is, i have current consent Orders and I am wondering what paperwork (affidavits etc) were filed by the other side last time.  I did not see any as once we hit court there was some pretty quick court directed mediation and we were out of there.

What process do i need to follow to view that paperwork?



(pardon all the posts, but i thought best to keep separate ideas/questions in different threads).
             keeping individual topics separate is good (sorry I'm not really that familiar with the court process so I can't really answer your questions).
Well I  don't know if it is different with the mediation thing but you can go to comcourts website think it is and register even if your case is closed you can do this and will be able to view what was lodged but to view the actual documents you would need to go to the court and fill out a form at the supboena/file inspection room. I have heard all states are different some you would need to ring national inquiry line and get a fax number to send a written request and they like you to book in but other ones you can just rock up, fill out a form and away you go.
If the case has finalised 1 or 2 years ago, you may need to contact the registry manager and give them advanced notice that you intend to view the files. They may have archived the files stored them in a location off-site.

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