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Preparing the Concilliation Conference Document

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Concilliation Conference in Family Court of WA

I am preparing the concilliation conference document for our concilliation conference in the family court of WA.

Is there anywhere I can find examples? Basically stuck on the important factors section. It says list in point form the important issues.

I am unsure how brief I should be. E.g. Should I put "Post seperation contributions, the applicant has made far greater financial and non financial contributions post seperation" or should I put that and then say the applicant has paid this and done that and list out my main points, include dollar figures etc.

Any help would be appreciated and an example would be really helpfull.

Thanks in advance!
Is it for a property or child case?
Property case
I am not familiar with WA law, so just looked up what they refer to as a Conciliation Conference Document and it says this:

The matters to be set out in the Conciliation Conference document include your:
􀂃 financial circumstances at the date you married or started living together;
􀂃 contributions and details of paid work during your time together;
􀂃 future needs and financial resources; and
􀂃 proposal to settle the case.

I'd probably do a brief summary of each one and other matters you consider relevant. I think if you are going to say partie A contributed more then partie B you should briefly summarize the reason how/why.
Thanks for your help Frenzy, I have all that info, plus a heap of law handbooks from the library!

None of the info from the courts website really gives any indication of the level of detail to go to. I've decided to lean towards being brief. I tend to waffle at the best of times. I'll take the extra info under each point in with me and have copies to give to the registar, the ex and his lawyer if they want more detail. I'd also rather not have his lawyer having any more info than necessary before hand. Being self represented I'm wary of being ambushed! We swap documents on Friday and have the conference the following Friday (17th). I'll have to remember to come back and post whether brief or detailed would have been the best option.

Now just huge fingers crossed! 3 and a half years since seperation so hoping this will be finalised soon. Dont want another 2 years until trial!
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