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Power of attorney

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what does it mean in regards to children, orders and the Court?


For those that missed my meltdown

Now, i'm feeling a bit better and need some more advice.

If the ex's new partner says that they have "power of attorney", what impact does it have for arrangements for the children?

My reading on the internet says that power of attorney only impacts financial decisions.  

For those who have followed my previous posts, the ex's current partner now wants to "negotiate" claiming power of attorney being able to achieve some results.

Seriously, what can the ex's partner achieve, if anything?

Again, to the site regulars, i apologise for my previous meltdown.

The power of attorney deals with matters that require her signature where she is unable to sign. This could mean that if the "boyfriend" was so inclined he could clean out her bank accounts, shares and property assets.

If she is that incapacitated I would be going back to court immediately to get the "Lives with parent status changed. I have followed the previous posts and understood the mother was only hospitalised for a  couple of weeks..

Her live in boyfriend has no legal powers over the children and as you have earlier indicated is not included in current court orders.

If the mother cannot agree to you managing the child's life then there are suitable changed circumstances that will allow you to meet Rice and Asplund and get this matter back before a Federal Magistrate for a decision.

The boyfriend is not the father and is a nothing as far as I can see so why are you accommodating their demands? If the mother is unable to look after the child it would be logical the father should.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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