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Passport issued without consent of father

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Seems that if you fill a form in from the passport office and state that you dont know the whareabouts of the father they will issue the child a passport.

Unbelivable that a passport was issued to my partners son by the passport office by the mother giving false information.

no wonder children are able to be taken out of the country if no checks are made on the informtion the mother provides.
Hi Missali

Here is a link about passport fraud. Your partner may wish to follow this up with the Passport Office.

Let us know how he gets on, if he does follow it up.
What is the problem with the child having a passport? If there are court orders stating either parent cant take the kids out of the country without the OP permission, a passport is not a breach of that condition.

If there are no court orders restricting where the child can travel with either parent, then you can apply to the court to have the childs name put on the Airport Watch List. Then both parents will need permission from the court to take the child out of the country.

Family law kit - Australian Federal Police

If the OP has the passport and is refusing to hand it over , thus prohibiting the child to travel overseas, you can apply to the court to direct the Op to hand it over. Provided, of course, this does not constitute a breach of any orders, if there are any…..
BDouble, Missali's concern was about a passport being issued without the consent of the father and which may actually be a case for fraud.
Yes Boots thats the point I was raising, He has no objection to the child having a Passport.
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