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Partner threatens to move away with kids

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Every time me and my partner have an argument no matter how trivial she threatens to move 500km away with our 2 kids.

I'm not sure if our relationship will last much longer and I suspect she is planning on making plans to take off with the kids.

I'm afraid that before we can do any mediation or parenting plans she would have gone already.

Would it be too late for me to do anything about if she's already settled somewhere else?

Or could I put something in place that only let's her go a set distance until a parenting plan is put in place?
Hi tumeke22,

I am no expert however I have been through similar experience whereas my ex did do a runner.

I would suggest to you that its best not to provoke the situation by trying to enforce anything now.

I would however strongly suggest you keep a diary.

Each time your partner threatens you about moving away make a note about it and the reasons given.

Also keep a note in the same diary of your involvment with your children, what you have done with them and for them. Maybe you took them to Doctors or took them shopping for school shoes, changed a nappy, went for a bike ride. Whatever it is.

These notes could be invaluable should your partner do a runner.

The best thing of all though to avoid the conflict at all if possible and focus on your childrens needs.

Good luck


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