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Parenting court orders

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We currently have 100% care of my husbands 13 yo daughter (mother kicked her out 3 months ago and has had no contact with her since) and advised the mother that we were looking at moving the childs school (closer to us and with her step sister).  Mother kicked up fuss and disagreed hence a letter from her lawyer was sent to us advising that we required her consent prior to moving the childs school.  The new school agreed to take child for up to a term whilst future being decided in court.

Can someone please advise how long these matters take to go to court.  Also, if mother lodges with court, do we have to pay court costs?

There are two other children involved - 7 yo boy (who we see every second weekend and my husband is 'allowed' to call once a week) and 15 yo girl (who at the moment refuses any contact with us due to her sister 'abandoning' her and blaming us for taking her in) - I understand 15 yo would be able to decide if she wants contact with us or not (due to her age) so really is all about 13 yo staying with us and having appropriate access to 7 yo boy.

We have gone down mediation road but ex refused to be part of process hence it has gone down court road.

Also, could be interested to know if 13 yo decides wants no contact with mother (which is the case at the moment) will court be satisfied with what she wants?

Any advise appreciated

If there are no court orders in place, there is not a damn thing she can do about the change in school, especially as she was advised.

As for court orders, that should be interesting, given the child's age, I would let her have her little tanty, nothing can be done without mediation anyway.
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