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Overnights for young children

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Is there any particular formula used for overnight access for young children to stay with dad. In other words what age do overnights start. I hear conflicting stories. Some say at two, others say not before 3. Or does it depend on the maturity of the child and or the relationship between parent and child. Thanks in advance.
My husband was having two nights every weekend when he initially from his ex. And the child at the time was 18 months old. The mother was working two days a week.

Sadly because he was working shift work full time, he couldn't maintain the schedule and dropped it back to two nights a fortnight.

I don't know of any formula but personally I don't see an issue for a baby to have overnights, especially if the father has been actively involved. After all, in an "intact family", fathers "look" after their children when the mother is in hospital after having subsequent children.
I believe any formula would have far more parameters or variables. For example maturity and attitude of the parents. I have little doubt that parents who look to the best interest of the child would seek a regime that allowed the child to have as much contact with both parents as possible rather than seeking the opposite. I also believe that such a formula, if ever devised, would result in a different result for most situations.

However, perhaps the formula should literally be, as stated/inferred above; "parents seek a regime that allowed the child to have as much contact with both parents as possible". Perhaps it should also be expanded to also cater for the child's other family members.
My son has been in court for 17months with a child who is now 19 months. Short day visits only at this stage and not in court again until April so I am hopeing it is 2 not 3.
My son had court ordered overnights by the time he was 15 months old.
HI Red, Was your son a hands on dad. 15 months seems awfully young. Although I do know some dads who have their children and are doing a great job. It is such a shame that parents can't overcome their differences for the sake of the children. In my day divorce was a scandal and you soldiered on for the sake of the kids.
No he wasnt a hands on dad instead he wanted nothing to do with his son for about six months then took me to court for full custody. Day visits were first ordered, then we went back for our next lot of interim orders and his case was since he had changed jobs day visits he would no longer be able to do. So it would have to either him having no visits or he should have him overnight. Judge ordered overnights 3 out of four weekends sat to sun
hmmm.. im trying to do the same at the moment for a 17 month old… one o/n a week slowly stepping… seems quite difficult to achieve, but is much more common than I thought. I have talked to alot of people where children aged 15 - 20 months are staying full weekends and the children are as well adjusted, developed and confident as any child.. the majority of people that I have talked to have come to this arrangement outside of the courts, the biggest factor that I have noticed is the relationship between the separated parents, the more the parents can work together (or at least keep thier differences aside) the better it works, more so I believe that the age of the child. A very young child can handle o/n's with the right support by both parents. As an example, how common is it for co-habitating parents to leave a child with grandparents/babsitters etc. o/n at a young age… no issues there.

If anyone has any case references (austlii) that I can use to support o/n's then that would be much appriecieated.

Lastly, have look at some stuff by Denise Britton, a psychologist, mediator QLD. I havent talked to her but I found a presentation she did; A Presentation by Denise Britton B.Soc.Wk., M.Litt., M.A.Ps.S

It's got some good info in there.

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