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No Tax return to calculate CSP

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I have married a delightful lady who has a brilliant boy. Her ex husband has decided not to put a tax return in for the last 8 years to ensure that he does not have to pay the full amount of child support. How is it that the ATO or the Child Support Agency can not do anything to ensure that he supports his paternal child correctly. He has earnt over $50K  for the last 4 years and in one instance over $100K and yet this year he makes the calculated payments of $56/week. He might have the boy for 1 or 2 nights per year…

He buys the boy lavish presents every 6 weeks when he can be bothered to see him some times over $200 (1 months CSP)

Am I wrong to be questioning this?
If there have been no tax returns for 2 years or more and the other parent is not on income support then the CSA should be using a fixed assessment, assuming that the level of care is less than 35% and that the parent hasn't provided adequate reasons for a genuinely low income. The fixed assessment rate is $1193 p.a. per child for up to 3 children for 2010.
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