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No more C U S T O D Y

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Editing/Deletion/Double Posting

The word c u s t o d y has been placed in the sites banned word dictionary. If you try to use it when you preview or try to post you will receive a warning and your post may be automatically deleted by the sites security software.

Why? Because the word may be a generic but has not been used for many years in the Family Court system  it no longer exists! Originally replaced by residency and then in 2006 with lives with/spends time with any use on this site means you are not keeping up with the times or cannot be bothered to complete a little basic site reading.

Conan recently replied to a poster that used the word nine times in one post,
Conan said
stop using the word c u s t o d y unless you are a Police officer or Prison Officer and have the children in a lock up. The Australian Family Courts have not used it for 10 years, which means you are living in the dark ages or cannot be bothered to understand what is happening in 2012

For SRLs it should totally disappear from your vocabulary because it a Courtroom under stress you will default to using the word. A Judge or FM will seriously wonder whether you have done any preparation for the hearing and how ill informed you may be about Family Law and how much difficulty you may present for the rest of the hearing.

 Senior Site Moderator and Administrator

BEFORE YOU POST Must Read Topics from Moderators

Editing your post
You have a Time window of 5 to 30 minutes depending on other post volumes and site indexing
After your edit time window has expired you cannot take further actions on your post

Deleting your post
Deleting a post often results in a spaghetti style and very confusing thread for site readers as responses appear to be made to a nonexistent post.
The edit/delete facility was once available however several previous members severely disrupted some threads by multiple post removal and editing old posts which made some replies appear nonsensical.
The ability to edit or delete your post after the time window has expired will NOT be reintroduced
If you need a post or posts edited or removed you will have to contact
giving the post(s) details. A request does not mean the site will delete or edit your posts(s), much will depend on the disruption it may cause to a particular thread and the time involved. You may be asked to pay for administrator time.
Note Google and other sites will have likely cached your post within an hour on it being made

Double Posts
Double posts (consecutive posts) are not allowed as this enables a poster to create a mini blog and monopolise a topic or thread. You need a reply after your post before you can re post in that thread  
If you start a new thread to continue your post (topic) the moderators regard this double post (a form of blogging)
If you engage in this behaviour your posts will be deleted

Note:  Site Moderators can double post.

 Senior Site Moderator and Administrator

Gum Flapping and Tag Team posts

Gum flapping is a term that has recently crept into Moderators discussions about certain posters. This where a poster or posters are stroking their own ego and/or engaging in repetitive no win arguments with other posters often about issues that do not directly or indirectly concern this site.

'Tag Team' posts are where several individuals create tag or similar posts (Dorothy Dix style) to monopolise a thread.
Posts should be of interest to a large number of readers  not the very few that engage in this behaviour.
Moderators will severely edit or delete these types of post.

 Senior Site Moderator and Administrator
Being new to forums I found this very helpful, thankyou.
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