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I would like to express my appreciation

When I came to this site it was with very deep concern, that I was about to embark on the most challenging area of my whole life.

Straight away I was welcomed and made to feel wanted, and a sense of gratitude came over me, because people many I whom I will never meet, stood up and gave support. From normal members like you and I, to the moderators whom I wonder how they find time to sleep.

To you new guys, at my ripe old age,I have come already to understand that at least in this field I know nothing, but if I am to succeed I will quickly have to gain the knowledge to do a proper and total effort, or I will not achieve the outcome sought, and will have wasted every ones time and efforts.

In my opinion this site is without equel, and cannot stress to much, that you must read the contents of this site many many times, (even if it is not in your chosen area) because without doing that you, cannot understand how complex the Family Law act is. As a profesional trainer before I retired, these presentations are someof the best I have seen. Ignore the Do and Dont sections at the risk of achieving failure.

The secret of success with this site is STUDY TAKE NOTES and if in doubt ASK.

To the moderators I say many many thanks, I hope I will become a better informed person under your guidance.

Best wishes to you all.
It is refreshing to hear of someone who has taken the time to read the contents here.

You are well on your way.

Good Luck

I second the above. I have spent hours and hours troughing through many posts and resources through this site and starting to feel a bit more confident in dealing with what is to come. Thanks from here to0.
Thanks for your comments to the Moderators and also you comment about other members here who are extremely informed, knowledgeable and who pitch in to assist people. This must be saving countless wasted hours for people in court and in dealing with the CSA and related agencies. It is hard to put an estimate on those savings. The number of hours that Moderators and others put into this resource is uncountable. There is much to do and the site is vast.The site development team has a large agenda and much more is being developed. :) The CSA pages have just had major employer updates completed for example under the "Web Guide", the ISYS Search engine is being worked on daily and there are numerous other developments in process. I also see you are a financial member. You have voted for the support you received here through real action. If every member did that we would be able to engage other technical resources to further extend and build other modules. Thanks for your donation.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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Mckenzie friend.

As I know no one who could act in this capacity, early days yet but I am thinking to do all the work myself, and ask a solicitor or barister to do the actual court appearance, that is if I have any concerns about not being able to present my case.

I feel the case is very simple, and am offering more perhaps than what many would think is reasonable.  I am doing this not because I am noble, but would not like to see my ex fall on her bum, through me in the eyes of some being greedy.

Does any one have any comments on these statements.

Secondly whilst I lack experience, I am prepared to be the Mckenzie friend for anyone in Northern Tasmania who could use one.  As I am retired I can be very flexable in my support.

Thank you for your help all of you, and feel that it is time to put something into the pot.

Regards and best wishes
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