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needing advice

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Hi everyone I'm new to this forum stuff so please be patient with :)

Need some advice on my son his father and I have been seperated for 11 years now and our son is living with his father. His father will not allow him to come to my house for holidays, his excuse is that my husband abused him while he lived with us which didn't happen. Anyway he allowed him to go to his grandparents house and me to visit him there, the last time I saw him was at my mothers house at christmas time last year, I have only spoken to him on the phone about 3 times all year because I can never get through to my sons mobile its either turned off or goes to message bank, my mother has also tried getting in touch with them but has the same problem, if my mother contacts my sons father via text message he usually returns a message or calls her back that same day but this hasn't been happening lately. We don't even know if they are at the same address or not we are in victoria and they live in nsw.

what i'm wanting to know is there a way to find out if they are still there or if they have moved on.
Just as a starting point, check to Electoral Roll - that's if they have bothered to update their details.

If you know who the other party's employer is, ring them up to see if the other party is still there.

Expensive shortcut is to use a private investigator. From this Forum, I am aware that some members have use the CSA as an intermediatory to send letter/requests on.

Also check social media such as Facebook, MSN etc to see if your son has created a profile.

I am sure you will get other suggestions from the members here.
oops sorry forgot to log in, thank you valere i hadn't even thought about the electoral role i will give it a go,

I'm waiting to hear back from csa on another matter, if i don't hear from them in the next couple of days i will get on to them again,

Thanks again :)
Annie, what sort of contact are you after? Are you still with your husband (the alleged abuser)? What were your contact arrangements, information sharing arrangements previously? I'm guessing that your son is now in his teens.

If you want to resume contact, then initiate mediation yourself. Now as you don't have an address, maybe the mediation service can provide you with a 60I certificate straight away, and maybe, you can go to court to get a Location order.

Is your son on your medicare card? If so, you can request a printout of the medicare based appointments. This could give you an idea at least, of an approximate location. It will take about six weeks to get the list.
what i'm wanting to know is there a way to find out if they are still there or if they have moved on

Your circumstances are unusual but I do not want to comment on my concerns. However this is not a forum for you to assist you to track down a person who does not want to be found. If a person is the subject of family violence or abuse they are entitled to privacy and this should be respected, regardless what gender. Family violence and other court orders can be made with the contact and address details of the the other party being keep private. At times the victims are protected in shelters or by other means. 

I am not commenting on the legitimacy of the claims made, as we are not privy to the entire details of your case.

If you wish to initiate some application, either through the courts for contact time or with CSA, thsi can be done and you should do so through these places without the need for the address to be disclosed. It appears you have means of contact which can be used by these agencies.

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letter perhaps
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