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my 15 y/o wants to come to visit me from UK, I'm in AUS.

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I'll pay for return flights etc UK to AUS- mother doesn't want it to happen. Mother has put him in foster care at the moment. How do I arrange for him to visit? He turns 16 in 5 weeks.

My son has been living in UK with mum for 10 years, he is now in foster care in UK for about 2 months and is doing really well now.

His mother placed him in voluntary care and won't allow him to come and visit me before he turns 16 (in 5 weeks)

How can I arrange for him to visit? My son has his passport etc. I will support him with schooling, extra activities, work and other studies, sport etc. He also has 3 brothers here with me in Australia, all concerned want this visit to happen, accept the mother. He has school hoildays soon and I'd like to arrange this whilst he is on holidays so that it does not interfere with his final year @ school-(which is suffering at the moment)
What are your thoughts?
I really think that this matter would be dealt with according to UK rules and legislation. I think the best person to chase this up could be the son himself. The foster carers could allow it, if they have that authority/responsibility. He may be able to get the court to make orders allowing the visit. However, time is very much against you, as the school holidays start this weekend I really think that it is simply an impossibility unless the other parent/foster carer agrees.

Perhaps try a UK based Foster parent group, e.g, do a google search for +"Foster Carers" +UK
I met a gentleman travellng one day, whom updated myself since our last meet. He said this- His ex whom he was happy to care 5/7 for hs son, and the half siblings he lived with, had had a bout of bad luck, and shacked up w a bloke whom turned out to be a violent alcho whom was bashing the ex, and that the ex had also become a drunk. They seperated and all the kids went to foster care. He used to take the boy for a couple of days per week and and overnight visits. He showed me his home where the stays occurred and all was in good order.

At his next family court date, which seemed to me to be a regular occurence, perhaps due to various non occurrence of access without warning that began when the new bloke was on the scene, he told the Judge that nothing could be done anymore due to his son being more than one month in foster care. The fellow said, that immediately, the judge was very upset, and ordered him to go and collect the son, a young lad, and care for him himself, fulltime. This was just a few years ago.

I would suggest, based on that tale, one should apply to the Court overseas, for a custody order and residence with his siblings with you.
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