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Mediation through Relationships Australia

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Upcoming Joint session

Hi All,

I have had my two individual sessions and my 'child focus' session with Relationships Australia. In two weeks time we are due to have our first joint session, provided the mother can attend this time around.

I just had a few questions to throw out there, and apologies if they are covered within the wealth of information on here.

1) What should I expect going into the joint session, I.e as the name suggests, will RA act purely as a mediator. Or will they, by benefit of having access to both mine and the mothers view point and wishes for our daughters upbringing, drive a lot of the discussion towards a shared goal?

2) The mother is a psych grad, lives by attachment theory and wants to breastfeed to 2yrs+ (potential bonus as a control mechanism). What information should i be obtaining or cases/articles should i be reading to prepare myself to counter her view point, so as to not get caught out?

For context our daughter is today 9months old, however please note that the R.A process has taken 6 months thus far.

Thanks for any help

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