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Mediation Problems

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Me and my ex went to mediation in Feb this year, we both agreed to this agreement where the ex  has every second fri (picking up from school) - mon (dropping off at school), every second wed night, 2 weeks at xmas, 1 week in easter and 1 week in july school holidays, he did not want any in the september holidays. Also part of the agreement was to give his details to my daughters school and put her name on his medicare card.
The wednesdays never happened, name was not put on medicare card and details were not giving to the school. At the end of our mediation session another appointment was made for May to review the agreement, this got cancelled by the ex, then another appointment was made for this week and the ex cancelled it again.
My question is how long can he keep canceling appointments before something is done?
The ex did mention a few weeks ago he wanted to change the agreement to fri-sun instead of fri-mon, this would have been his chance to change it and I don't understand why he keeps canceling….
Unless you're intending to take him to court (or vice versa) he can pretty much cancel whenever he likes with no consequence. Mediation is voluntary, and only becomes compulsory if one party wishes to go to court - then mediation must be attempted first. If he wants to lessen his time with the kids, he doesn't have to go to mediation to do this. He can't be "made" to take all opportunities to see his children. If he wants less, there's not a lot you can do about it. And the agreement you guys made in mediation is not enforceable (unless you registered it with the court), so if he's too slack to come through with his end of the agreement, unfortunately that's his problem and you can't change it.
Thanks rabbit…
I first went to see a lawyer to go to court who advised me that we had to go to mediation first as the law changed. If he keeps canceling will I get the certificate thing they give you to take it to court? We were also told that the agreement we made in mediation is not enforceable but if it goes to court the judge will take that into consideration.
And I have no problem with him wanting less time, its just he has said that he wants more and more time but it gets less and less.
Ha… sounds a lot like my ex. Keeps telling the kids he wants 50/50, but can't even keep his commitments to 4 nights p/fn. It's annoying, but unfortunately you can't compel them to take the time that's available, even with a court order in place. It may be that he's cancelling simply because he's been slack and not upheld his end of the bargain, so he's embarrassed to be called on that (again, same as my ex). Either that or he knows this is headed to court and is using delaying tactics.

If he's cancelled 2 appointments already, I would contact the dispute resolution centre, explain the situation, and ask them if this entitles you to a 60I certificate. Obviously, you and he are required to make a genuine attempt to mediate before entering the court system. If you make yourself available on the appointed dates and he continually fails to show, you should be granted an exemption (although it seems to be at the discretion of the centre, with some willing to give  second chances). However, if he is claiming to have genuine reasons for needing to reschedule, this may not be seen as a "no-show", so they might've cut him some slack. But I'd definitely call the centre and ask what their policy is on repeatedly cancelling appointments.  
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