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An Insiders Viewpoint


Thanks for this site…it is an absolute necessity.

I am an investigative reporter who works for the media.  I am appalled and disgusted at many or my colleagues using their positions to abuse and misinform the general public.  I've worked in Media for over 20 years, working for all the major networks and also print media.

Many journalists are using their positions to get across their own personal viewpoints on Shared Parenting and Equal Time.  I'm sure many of you are aware of this already.  But the good news is that many other journalists are aware of what is happening and we're now coming out with our own positive stories.

Thanks again for this site.  I'm here to stay.  Throughout my divorce i was accused of being a drug addict, alcoholic and violent person.  Fortunately it didn't work.  The court had to force my ex to allow share parenting of our 7 month old baby girl.  That was 2 years and almost $145,000 in legal fees later.  Expensive i know, but then my ex is also an investigative reporter who is very good at her job.  I've covered wars in my career and haven't felt as nervous and apprehensive as i was going through the Federal Magistrates Court experience.
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