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Looks like a court battle

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Ok so mum has just called dad and the conversation did not go well, mum explained she has work and so she cannot collect baby, so dad will have to return him. Dad has said that he does not agree to dropping baby back to g/ mother when mum is at work, and if she chooses to persist with that arrangement g/ mother could collect child ( still against his wishes) he proposed that baby could stay and mother collect in the morning, mum says she does not agree as the baby will be with dad every night? Clarified that she works 3 nights a week and no room for negotiation. And clearly mum does not want child to be with dad, it does not seem to be about baby as baby is left elsewhere without any cause. There are no care concerns, no violence issues, no care concerns etc ( just seems like mum does not think a dad is important in a Childs life)

Conversation ended with mum now saying baby will not see dad at all until parenting plans in place?

So seems like the court option is the only choice, dad speaking with solicitor and asking about how to get an application into court.

Dad very upset and feeling like mum is not even thinking about baby, I am thinking sad thoughts for dad ( so far Christmas, pops birthday and now his first fathers day up the creek).

If you have suggestions about how we can get this sorted quickly or some interim arrangements ( which we have already requested some months ago) it would be appreciated.
If it is heading to court then it should be started expeditiously. Get a mediation, either with an acceptable outcome, or a certificate to enable an application to be made.

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