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Looking for a good solicitor/barrister for childrens court

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 Hi Everyone,

I have a father in one of my groups which desperately needs some help and advise.

He was awarded 50% care in the family court and had this working well for over two years. The ex wife ended up before thchildren'sns court with the department of community services regarding the welfare of the children.

The children's court over ruled the family courts orders and placed the children under the departments care for a period of 4 years. The department then gave the children back to the mother under carer status. Magistrate Mitchell did a back flip half way through this case, after day one he commented that the child should live with the father, but by the time the second hearing came around he had forgotten what was presented and took the opinion that the above decision was fair and just!!!!

What we are looking for is a reputable solicitor or barrister who is used to handling these types of cases. We have approached many so far and they all feel its too hard. My question is this…..How long are these children going to suffer under the mothers lack of care, before someone can help get these children where they belong…..a stable lifestyle with their father.

Any help or advise on this situation or anyone who could reconmend someone would be really appreciated.

I have had numerous appearances before his honour DCM Mitchell, I found him to be just, fair and honest.

No doubt there is more to this than meets the eye.

You approached many so far. Why is this case too hard for lawyers you have tried?

I could put you in contact with a barrister, but they will only work with a lawyer. Whisper details to me.

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