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Lifestyle of debauchery !

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Would like some input into this scenario.

Ex has a new partner (This is a good thing) Problem is friend found ex listed onseveraladult dating web sites with the new partner they were advertising themselves as a couple and looking for a third even fourth party. (quite graphic in the advertising).

In regards to our daughter who isvery young I don't wish to have her exposed to this situation orrandom people who may be coming in and out of the house.

What I am interested in is how a court may view this situation would they see it as a risk to the child or non of the other parents business as to how the other parentlives their personal life. Just after some opinions on the situation thanks.
I honestly can't be sure how a court would view this, but common sense tells me a few things, and I would certainly hope this wouldn't even get as far as a hearing.

I think you were spot on with the suggestion that it might be none of your business how the other parent lives their personal life. If you had proof your child was being exposed to this, then yes, you may have something to worry about. But in reality, any of the things the average couple do behind closed doors are entirely inappropriate for a child to witness, so that goes for ALL sexual activity, not just that which you personally deem immoral or a bit "out there".

I mean really, just because you've discovered they like to "share the love", what makes you think they are doing it in front of the kids, or having their sex partners come and go while the kids are home? Any idiot in their right mind knows to keep sex and kids seperate. So unless you have reason to believe they are sex offenders, their sex life has nothing to do with you. Everybody is different. I'm partial to whips, chains, and cuffs, but I don't pull them out while the kids are home! :P

I might add I find it rather coincidental that your "friend" managed to come across your ex's new partner on several different dating sites. Pardon me if that doesn't come across as accidental. Or is somebody digging for dirt here..?
The primary considerations are:

(b) the need to protect the child from physical or psychological harm from being subjected to, or exposed to, abuse, neglect or family violence.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but would this come under psychological harm? That is if the child is exposed to the sex acts. And yeah, one would assume that these acts would happen behind closed doors in private. Just like the ratings classifications on movies.
Your ex's lifestyle choices in this instance really aren't an issue that would affluence parenting determinations in a family law court.

Courts aren't there to make moral judgements about parent's activities.

Unless you have solid proof that your child/ren have been exposed to this type of activity and you can demonstrate harm - I'd suggest you not raise the matter.

I think that is good commentary.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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