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Legal Aid enquiry

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I know it is true that you get what you pay for but I am wondering what experiences people have had with Legal Aid funding their cases. If you used Legal Aid were you satisfied with the outcome or do you feel you may have gotten a better outcome with a private solicitor. Just wondering as a family member is looking at going down the court process due to unresolved parenting issues. Am assuming he will be eligible for Legal Aid.

The quality of Legal Aid representation.

Legal Aid representation can come in 2 forms -

The first and most obvious is a Solicitor who is employed directly by Legal Aid.

The quality of service can be quite variable. I know of some who are extremely dedicated (usually very overworked too.) and others who just cant be bothered doing more than the aboslute basics.

The other is a private solicitor who will accept Legal Aid work. Again there can be quite a variation. Some are quite dedicated. Others consider the fees paid by Legal Aid too low and therefore don't put their best effort in.

Either way, there is no  substitite for doing some research and preparation so that the solicitor, Legal Aid or Private can be properly instructed.

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