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Laptop Problems - Court Documents

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Just after a few answers if anyone has any.  Today is the second mention in 2 weeks…have been taken back to Court for a variation of the Orders (although I'm still trying to work out how the father filed the application with an expired mediation certificate and I was told that no R&A argument needs to be made according to the Court, according to the Court is usually done at the Final Hearing), no matter there are sexual abuse allegations (not against dad  - against dads girlfriends son, a much older kid to my children - the 2nd round of allegations since 2010 - at my insistence dad continued to have contact the last time and only the offending child was separated from our children - until the this Feb that is when the 2nd  lot of allegations were raised by my kids after return from holiday contact). 

 This is the first time their father and I have been to Court since we entered into consent orders made on 16 July 2008 in the Family Court of Australia in Melbourne - residence to me, EOW father, .  Oh and I asked the FM if the Case could be transferred to Megellen - he said it wasn't extreme enough - I thought all sexual abuse cases were Magellan?

 Anyway I'm just wondering if anyone has experienced any problems with their computer when going through Court?   I can't say that I've ever had this problem before until now but for some strange reason every time I write up paperwork for Court the computer either runs slower than normal or the file disappears.  Take for example my Court response application and affidavit for this case, for the 2nd time now in a couple of weeks the document has vanished from my system (last week it came back with many parts missing but last night, my good copy, completely vanished)  Meaning the entire folder that contains my Court documents and SRL-Resource information from their site disappeared when I tried to print my Court documents.  The computer did not crash or anything but I have tried to see if it there this morning and still isn't. 

 The problem is not that I cannot handle being told off by the FM but rather that if I can't get my work into the Court I cannot advocate for my children one of which, the eldest, has a very short life expectancy as he was born with multiple incurable cardiac problems and his status is palliative NOT correctional, and he is very distressed about the sexual abuse and scared of this child.  In fact he made the statement last year…mummy what if after my next surgery (child's name) hurts me again and I bleed to death".  I cannot advocate for the children aged 8, 7,and 5 if I cannot get any documents filed to the Court.   There is a history of violence in the father and my relationship - past summons pre kids and a full AVO (physical, verbal, emotional and monetary abuse) not sure why with the AVO last time the Court didn't Order sole parental so this c.rap didn't happen again. 

 So anyway sorry if this makes no sense I'm tired and very upset and I guess what I'm really trying to find out is, is there somewhere on my laptop where I might be able to find this missing folder?  Another folder under the children's name has also gone missing…seems strange that only these 2 folders disappeared but the rest remained.   It won't help me today but maybe it might help if for the 3rd that this happens…takes ages to write an affidavit just to have it deleted.

 Any help with violence and/or sexual abuse applications would be greatly appreciated.  I did try asking for help from SRL-Resources back in Jan but I think there provate site is no longer in operation

 I'm CrazyWorld…some of you know me from back in 2008/2009 when I posted more regularly… I don't usually share so much information but I'm extremely stressed this time around and given last week I had to sit in the Courtroom with my violent ex and his girlfriend both staring at me (I was on my own - an SRL) I am not at all comfortable about today especially given I have no documents to give again.

"Never, "for the sake of peace and quiet," deny your own experience or convictions". Dag Hammarskjold
I needed help with my case and couldn't afford a lawyer and found these guys invaluable
The folder isn't marked as hidden is it? Open My Documents- - click on Tools - then Folder Options. Click on the View tab and under the Advanced Settings list tick 'Show hidden files and folders' and click OK.

Do you know the name of the folder? have you searched for it? Click on the Start menu -Search all files and folders- type in name.

Using system restore might help, set it back to before you last accessed the folder. Then see if you can find it.

In future save a copy of all your work on a flash drive as well as your computer.

…or throw the PC out and get a Mac.

You may need to file a form 4 notice of abuse.

CW, I'm really sorry to hear of your troubles. You may have a Master File Table (MFT) error. A useful utility is available at Data recovery software download: Get Recover My Files here. It can be run in evaluation mode and if it works so that you can see your missing file, you can then pay for it and actually recover the data. Is it a file that's missing or the whole directory/folder?

Frenzy's suggestions are also good as a first step,as well as checking the recycle bin, but make sure you don't clear it.

If none of that works you'll be up for a professional to have a look at it, which may be cheaper than you think.

Sometimes even just running scandisk/checkdsk (depends on the version of windows) will work. It will at least tell you if the disk is failing and if you tell it to ask before repairing you'll get to see what's going on and you may see the file name come up with a missing first character. Right-click on the disk drive icon and click on "properties". It will bring up a series of tabs, one of which is "tools". One of the tools is "error-checking". Click on that to get it started and make sure the "automatically fix errors check box doesn't have a tick in it, while the "scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors" box does.

Good luck. As long as you remember not to agree to any changes the computer wants to make without being certain what's going on you can't cause any real problems.
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