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Is that me ?

The site stats report multiple personalities logged on and indicates I am already here.

Hi those high above us who control the domain of FLWG.

I've noticed a few times that I've come onto the site that I'm already here. This is quite a concern and I've had to make sure that I am indeed me. To do this I log off and search the web or make a cup of tea and leave for a while and log back on.

The trouble is I'm still there and I'm starting to become concerned for my state of mental health ( once again ).

Do I have a doppelganger or is it an echo of id past, has FLWG opened up inter dimensional contact?

All jokes aside I've noticed this happen on occasion to other and I have a curious nature, plus concern that someone else may be borrowing my identity, what for I don't know.

Regards D4E
It is indeed yourself !

If you logout then you will not be here. If you simply walk away from your computer then you will still be here. When you have not engaged in any activity on the site for a period of time we assume that you are not here so we remove you. Until you resume your activity then we assume that you are here again.

If you need to be sure whether you are here or not, then it's best to login, when your here, and logout when your not.
But how is it that my name ( and others ) sometimes appears twice, is it as simple as I have not logged of and just clicked out of the sight or does the system recognize that even though I had clicked off the sight that my computer is still online though not at the sight.

Is it just something that is a quirk to have your I.D. appear twice ????
Duplicate names are definitely not a feature. I have not noticed this before so I will have a squizz at what's going on. Thanks to both of you for bringing this to my attention.
Paul, I saw Sage on twice the other night. I'm surprised that I'm not often on twice as I often access this from two computers, sometimes possibly three.

Paul how about this from right now:
harley622bq, overcsa, HubbyPays, Yoda, Daryl, harley622bq, D4E, Artemis, SM-EC, gcpg, Paul, Agog, MikeT, annie, 103 guests
That's 6:15 server time (still there now).
D4E count yourself lucky - this unintended feature was occurring about six months ago, something to do with Poms doing twice as much - as the Senior programmer is from England. Obviously after a large number of posts and time on this site you have been promoted to Honorary Pommie.

(MikeT - now complains he is only appearing once despite his Pommieness)

Actually I guess you might be using Explorer and opening a second instance of the browser - which should not allow a second log on because of cookies etc. However IE6 has had problems with this issue on other sites. When you exit clean out the cache and all cookies.

IE needs occasional housekeeping (or better still replacing with something that works properly)

Executive Member of SRL-Resources, the Family Law People on this site (look for the Avatars) Be mindful what you post in public areas. 
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh spot on Agog.

Funnily enough I originally hail from Hull although have the scar from around 14 but have lived here since two and proud to be considered Aussie.

As my heritage is a true European mongrel that streams from western Europe I get to chose my homeland so I chose here.

Maybe it's because of dual citizenship  O_o    

'Is that me ?'

Paul said
Duplicate names are definitely not a feature. I have not noticed this before so I will have a squizz at what's going on. Thanks to both of you for bringing this to my attention.
Hi guys,

(This is ChrisG)

This issue sometimes happens when one's IP address changes whilst browsing the site. It's akin to being logged in from two computers, so is accurate in a sense. The issues goes away when the old session times out.
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