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This will be nothing new for some but maybe totally unknown for others.
It is amazing how important is the appearance and behavior/body language in courts, being this Family Court or Magistrate Court or even a mediation. Judges, lawyers, judge you not only what you say but maybe even more, how you say it. And for example, if you are accused falsely of DV for the pure reason that your ex wants to punish you for whatever, by cutting you off from your kids, it is very easy to get upset, angry, which shows and speaks immensely against you.

This is what I practiced in this situation with quite a success and I can only regret that not at all critical occasions. I explained all to my doctor and asked for valium. Then I work out the best dose for me, which is 10 to 15 mg. That might vary for others, depending on body size. When I took 20 mg I was too drowsy so that was too much. The effect on me is that I am very calm, can think clearly and speak slowly and to the point. That was very helpful. When I defended common assault charge my solicitor said to my barrister "He is as a rock in the Court". "Yeah, I said, that's because I know my right dose of valium". She smiled.

One warning though. Take it early, with breakfast, when you are still calm, as it is long acting drug, good for all day.
It is less effective if you take it after being agitated already.

I hope that will be of help to some, but please, never take it for normal daily stress suppression. Only for rare occasions when you have hearing, investigations by report writer, or maybe even police investigation. When you have doctor's prescription it is perfectly legal although I would not brag about using it.
NOT a good Idea!
Vallium is very addictive.That is why you need such a large dose.

It supresses the brain and you cannot learn or take in new things.
You may feel calm because it dulls the brain and is a muscle relaxant.
You wont realize it but vallium affects your memory and judgement.
Good Doctors will not prescribe this drug of dependance.

A much better alternative is "Rescue Remedy" available from pharmacies and health shops.
4 sprays under the tongue as you walk to the court room and no side effects.
You will remain calm and still remember everything.
Thanks for different point of view Rosey.
We are all different and react differently but valium works for me perfectly and using it few times a year is not addiction. All drugs were developed for people (even those which are considered illicit) and the key is to know yourself and use it wisely. Please, don't understand me wrong. I am very strong opponent of using illicit drugs.
Example of how different people react could be Bruce Lee, who died of brain swelling after using one tablet of common albeit strong painkiller due to allergic reaction. The risk is always there, even taking an aspirin.
The maximum daily dose of valium is 40 mg so the dose I mention is not large, well below half of maximum.
Just another warning. If someone works in mines and does drug screening it will be discovered for up to 2 weeks after use, so it is good idea to declare that before the test and show doctor's prescription.
I would not use valium for final hearing though. At final you need high concentration and sharp mind for long time so no drug is recommended at all just good preparation an decent sleep. The excitement will go away after short time of this "battle" anyway.
Have to agree with Rosey. Valium is not the drug to use if you need your wits about you. 10-20 mg is enough to put most people into a deep sleep. The drug of choice, if you are so inclined is a beta locker that blocks the parasympathetic responses. Google it and see. But ideally one of those rescue remedys suggested by Rosey is a safer natural way to go. But at the end of the day whatever works for you. I know it is not a "man" thing but I like yoga, deep breathing and guided imagery to relax and unwind but then I'm not facing the FMC.
Inderal is the better one to take.  It's a beta blocker available on prescription.  It slows the heart down so less anxiety and you feel alot calmer.   Many university students takes this 1/2 hour prior to sitting exams.  It's non addictive.  Overall a good choice for anxiety provoking situations.  It does not cause tiredness.

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