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My custody case has been going for quite awhile and an independant children lawyer has been appointed.

The case is being heard in the Federal Magistrates Court, but my ex madea direct appeal to the Family Court for custody in the interium. During this appeal the childrens lawyer sided with my ex but the judge ruled against them and let the child remain with me.

Anyway we went back to Federal Magistrates Court and before the childrens lawyer said anything my ex told the judge that he just wanted access orders and for me to pay half airfares. Then the childrens lawyer got up and said that they still wanted to keep going with the whole case that had been heard in the family court appeal. The judge told us (myself and ex) to go outside in break and try to come up with a solution for access.

I was quite willing to do this but since my ex heard what the childrens lawyer said he changed his mind and now wants custody again. I guess what im asking is shouldn't the childrens lawyer have realised that there was a chance for the family to solve this themselves and let us? Why did the Judge let my ex change his mind 2 minutes after he had said he wanted to settle. Does what the childrens lawyer recommends get ruled against. Just because he wants the child to go with my ex doesnt mean thats what the judge will decide is it?? Thank you in advance

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