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Interpreting order

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Care commencing after holiday periods

 Hello. Could I have your opinions please

Orders state normal EOW care is

'suspended for the weekends during any school holiday period and are to recommence on the weekend after school recommences as if the sequence had not been interrupted'.

(Note school holidays include the weekend after school term ends and before school resumes)

So we have been interpreting this that on paper the fortnight rotation continues throughout the holiday period to work out the first weekend after the holiday period. The holiday care however is placed over the top of that and overrides it. This way the fortnights stay the same except during the holidays. Is this how you read the orders.


Weekend A - kids
Weekend B - no kids

Weekend C - 1st weekend of holidays
Weekend D - hols
Weekend E - hols
Weekend F - hols
Weekend G - hols
Weekend H - hols
Weekend I - last weekend of holidays

Weekend J - no kids
Weekend K - kids

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