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Independent Children's Lawyer Survey - Your Feedback needed

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This survey on the performance of ICLs is important in lifting the lid on what have for many parents a fraud and a waste of money

If you are one of the many fathers who believe that they have been discriminated against by a Court appointed ICL (Independent Childrens Lawyers) during child custody proceedings, simply because of your gender, well these family law researchers want to hear from you.

Provide feedback to the ICL survey

Family Law Express have just released a survey asking for feedback from parents who have worked with an ICL during their child custody matter.

Do you believe the ICL was professional, did they understand the family law act, did they treat you differently because of your gender, did they even bother to talk to you?

Tell us about your experience. This is a short survey that can be completed in minutes, but if enough fathers contribute, the result could be an eye opener for many.

Do it now. tell about about your experience with an ICL.

Your experience with an Independent Children’s Lawyer (ICL): Survey | Family Law Express – Family Law Pulse & Surveys
I started to read the report on ICL mentioned on the AIFS website, what a load of codswollop it is, that report.

Independent Children's Lawyer Survey - Your Feedback needed

This is the reason why an independent report is so crucial.

The government review is nothing other than the government patting itself on the back. The reality is that ICLs are universally condemned for being unprepared, ideologues who became ICLs not because of their goal of representing children, but because they couldn't get a job as a lawyer elsewhere, or because they were farmed out by the many women's legal centres who swell the ranks directly by funelling women members into these roles.

Guest said
I started to read the report on ICL mentioned on the AIFS website, what a load of codswollop it is, that report.
What I did see in the ICL report, is that $65 million dollars over a couple of years was the cost. This sum is not indicative of the full costs of ICL's. No where near it.

It is time that Attorney-General's were not persons with a law degree, as those types fabricate and maladministrate to favor their own and make sure monies are funnelled to the lawyers guild. Unfortunately, the evidence is very strong.

Now I see why the States and Territories are also paying for ICL in the child courts without checking for productivity, as they are using the federal reports of "necessary service" to empower the useage.

ICL's, are part of a group, in an opinion formed by myself using govt reports and private reports, that are embezzling taxpayers dollars, and getting away with it. Academics who complain risk having their own children assaulted. When the Police are called to deal with the assaults, the Police used to claim no jurisdiction.

These days they refer people to their anti-corruption,anti-maladministration bureaus, but they are not yet any good at investigations, or have been told not to make any findings against certain persons. Which brings us back to 'cleaning' the office of the Attorney-general.
Sorry guys, I wrote just before as Guest without realising I was not logged on.

There are private reports about the ICL's, that are completely the opposite to that which the Attorney-Generals dept has paid for and produced, in yet another fancy report.

By opposite I recall,….Costs of having ICL much higher than that given……corruption and maladministration does exist…….many children harmed not helped by inclusion in case of an ICL……….non-productivity of ICL…..impartiality of ICL is not true……..ICL can commit fraud/fabricate evidence…………proof of assault and harassment upon academics by an ICL that maintains a group of ICL's that are purely govt funded,………..false claims that ICL are properly trained….etc

But my knowing of this does not do much for anyone.
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