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How do you knowl if something has been lodged with the courts?

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legal making claims about applications to court

Hi all

I am currently in that wonderful exchange of letters with the ex's lawyer.  Many statements are being made by their side -
we are immediately applying to the courts (some 3 months ago)
we are applying to the court for an order of costs against you
we are applying for an ICL and cost to be borne by you
we will notify you when an ICL is appointed so your solicitor can communicate with them.

Letters have been going back and forth 3 months now.  My gut feel is that they are trying to intimidate me into agreeing to have the orders put aside and that they have made no real effort to apply to the courts.

Apart from the day i get served any court papers, is there any way to see if they have actually approached or filed anything with the courts?

Yes there is.
Commonwealth Courts Portal is the website.
You will need to use your file number to log on.
You can then view your court history and the date everything has been filed
Grey, ring the courts themselves. They will look it up for you to see if anything has been lodged recently. You will be asked the usual security questions, of course, but that should not present any problem.

Some of the people who answer the phone are very helpful, others well…………
Thank you Rosey, i just checked the site and will register on it tomorrow and work out how it works.

And thanks also Boots.  I rang the courts Friday just to confirm the files/documents i needed and downloaded the ones i was told.  Next time I will see if i can ask about what (if anything) has been lodged.

I am gathering by your posts and questions that you have not been to Court previously or if you have this was quite some time ago.  As someone mentioned, you can register on the Commonwealth Courts Portal which will provide you with information about closed and open files that you were/are a party.  I am uncertain if you have previously needed to go to Court to register on this site. 

While the access to documentation for each file is limited meaning you can only access certain information, the Portal will still give you a list of all cases (each case has a file number) to which you are/were a party, even if you have not yet been served by the other side or filed your own response documents with the Court.   

For instance.  The Portal lists 3 file numbers for me.  2 are closed files, the 3rd is a case opened this year (I know it's this year because the last 4 digits of the file number usually provide the year the case was opened).  While I did expect Court proceedings, I have not yet been served with documents and the Portal only allows me access to the File Number.

Like you, I intend to call the Court tomorrow which will hopefully verify for me what I already think it is and also give me a listing date for the hearing which if I can receive this information in advance, will in effect give me more time to prepare my own response, prepare mentally and be a step ahead given I have not yet been served.

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I needed help with my case and couldn't afford a lawyer and found these guys invaluable
On the Commonwealth Courts portal I can see all court events and orders as well as all documents that have been filed.

The last document that was filed a few weeks ago is available for me to download
but I this isnt available for the previous documents
@Rosey. That's probably because the document you do have was filed electronically and the others lodged in hardcopy.

@Richard I've read an article posted in the 'name and shame' forum.

What you have posted there is clearly defamatory and probably breaches section 121. I'd seriously consider modifying or deleting that post.

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