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How do I rescind an existing ADVO that the police have put in place

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As the wife I need to have access to my husband for mediation and for our child

Hi There

This is an urgent matter as we go to court tomorrow. Our story begins like this…

I had gone to the Police to seek help for my husband's on going depression which has impacted our family life. I stated that he had put a knife to my throat (which was true) the night beforeand that he needed mental help not being arrested. They arrested him anyway and have put forth an interim ADVO. They interviewed him and he admitted to the act.The terms of the ADVO are quite restrictive.

I know that he is a good man and has now been to the doctor and formally diagnosed with severe depression andhe is seeking anger managementcounciling. I have heard through his attorney thathe wants to plead guilty to all the charges that have been put forth and I think that this a mistake.

I have put forth a revised statement to the police saying that the original statement that I gave was incorrect and I had falsely accused him of this horrible act. I said that there was no way that he would have known what he was doing as I believed him to be in an alcohol related blackout and that the statement that he gave, was based on the information that I had given him before his interview. They now are threating to arrest me for Public Mischief. I'm not worried about myself in this case as the charges that he has been given are extremely serious. His attorney has stated that he is most likely looking at gail time. He has no violent or criminal back ground. We do not have a history of violence in our family, I thought that I was doing the right thing for us to go and seek help.I felt at the time a great deal of pressure to make a statement, though I told them I really didin't want to. They said that they weren't going to let me leave without having some kind of formal statement from me. They made it sound like they were just going to talk to him and getus some family counciling.

I don't know what I can do to help him. I want him to come home and I know that he wants to come home. Our daughter is in such a state, he has missed her 6th Birthday and she cried all day (even during her party). This is becoming an absolute nightmare. We have never had any dealings with the Police before and I am ao afraid that we as a couple won't make it through this.

Someone help us. I have tried doing reseach on this and it seems that the system is so Biased on the side of the complaintant that there is very little information to hold families together after an incidence like this.


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There are many options available to you. If you are still on the site let me know where you are at.

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