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This is my first post although I have been lurking for a while, browsing the forum.

I really don't want to post too much information just in case but we are a non custodial parent who is both living interstate from the children (custodial parent moved away with consent) but also a serving member of the defence force.

There are consent orders in place that are a number of years old that are no longer working and we are attempting to get new ones as contact with the children is being declined more and more frequently.

We are heading towards mediation at this stage, however the other party is not keen at this stage to come to any agreement.

We are after any information or points in the direction to any judgements or info regarding orders where contact is hard to lock downwith certain dates due to military deployments. In fact any information regarding contact with the kids and an interstate or military parent. I have googled with virtually no luck and have browsed withoutquite finding what I am looking for although I am not too sure what it is I am looking for.

I hope someone may be able to help.
I would guess that you would be looking for an arrangement that would be flexible enough to allow the child or children their rights to have reasonable relationship with their parents.

Being in a situation where the "spends time with" parent (best to use this term rather than non-custodial parent, and instead of custodial parent use the term "lives with" parent), has limitations/restrictions on the time that contact is feasible, you would need to consider options that could work. Many factors would need to be considered and really it would require a great deal more information than has been provided for those experienced in what contact options are available. My suggestion is that you look to joining the SRL-R (Self Representing Litigants resource), which then opens up an area where such information and assistance could be handled privately.

If you click on Community at the top and then on SRL-Resources this will take you to an area where you can get a lot of information about the SRL-R. You should read this and if this appeals to you follow the steps to joining.

As this could end up going to court, should mediation not work, you would have to get over the "Rice and Asplund" ruling hurdle, which requires that significant changes have taken place for the courts to consider a matter. Determining this would yet again require in-depth information. I would suggest that one thing you can do at the moment is to document (by way of a time-line) pertinent events. Pertinent events would things such as; when contact/care has taken place, when contact/care has been declined and for what reason, communications between parents and in regard to the child or children, when contact/care could have taken place.

Best Wishes, Mike.

P.S. I'm not one of the SRL-R's. They can easily be identified by their avatar, it's like this:
friendlyz - The family court is pretty good with accommodating the needs of the noncustodial parent when the custodial parent relocates far enough away to make shared parenting too hard.

For example I have read some decisions where the noncustodial parent is given all school holidays .

There must be a reason why contact with the children is being declined more frequently.

Why do you think this is occurring?
To be honest it has been happening for a while. It's not that it is being declined so much, well I guess it is. But it is getting harder and harder to be allowed to see them.

When the children lived here my partner saw them every weekend, plus nights after school, etc. Then we met and visits were cut back to every other weekend and no extra time.

Not long afterwards the question came up for them to move, which they did. It started out fine, there are consent orders in place and there was until recently a private agreement with CSA.

Two years ago we decided to get engaged and since then and the lead up to the wedding it has got worse. There is more to it but that's the very basics.

The orders are general on dates and contact - no specifics so basically each time we see the children is up to the other parents discretion and theres more bribing, arguing and threatening not to see the kids.

I don't know that we can do a contravention as there really is no specifics to anything in the court orders at all.

I don't want to say too much so I suppose it is hard to get help at this stage.I shall tell my partner when they are home to join up to the SLR bit and see if we can get some advice.

At the moment we are just documenting everything.
You would be advised to join the SLR group. We would need to see the orders before looking at the options.

Does the military have an official policy about moving around separated parents? Perhaps a letter to the minister concerned might give an answer.

Executive Member of SRL-Resources, the Family Law People on the site (Look for the Avatars).   Be mindful what you post in the public areas. 

Now that you mention C$A is involved, that would be one reason why the care has lessened for your husband. For the ex to make maximum impact, the care on your side needs to become less that 52 nights a year. If this is the case, then the child support payable would be at the maximum. From what you have said it looks as if the care level is around that figure.
HappyDaze said
friendlyz - The family court is pretty good with accommodating the needs of the noncustodial parent when the custodial parent relocates far enough away to make shared parenting too hard.

For example I have read some decisions where the noncustodial parent is given all school holidays.
These sound like pretty old decisions since custodial was replaced by resident and this was replaced with lives with.

Seems like to need to join the SRLR and this will also keep your material in the private non googleable forums.
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