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I just want to introduce myself and to say thank you to the people that have created and maintain this website.  I have read a wealth of information here over the past year and joined as a member so that I may be able to help someone in a similar situation and also so that I too may be able to gain some answers to the complicated issues that are involved in matter relating to family law issues.

I am a single mum to two wonderful daughters and want the very best for them and all who are involved in our situation. In a perfect world I would like for our family unit to not be referred to as "broken" but "extended". However when feelings and pain are involved there are going to be complications.

So in an effort to gain some insight I am here. I appreciate there are always two sides to every story and if you happen to read one of my posts and would like to give me another perspective please give it to me. I welcome your feedback.  If I believe I can add valuable input it will be through my own experiences and hope that together we will be able to offer some assistance to eachother.

Kind Regards
Thanks for your note and other contributions. I will pass your comments to the developer team who are currently taking a few weeks out from the last three hectic years of development works here. (That doesn't mean its all finished by any means as the wish list is extensive)… Let us know how you go when you get your Federal Magistrate orders. The fact you are here from time to time and prepared to make a post to help others and share your experiences is indeed praiseworthy.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
 Was my post helpful? If so, please let others know about the FamilyLawWebGuide whenever you see the opportunity
Thanks for your welcome.  I need so much help with my matters, I am hoping that I will find some answers here and maybe give some helpful advise to someone else in a similar situation.  What do I do next…maybe I should let the universe decide cause I keep coming up with nothing.  It seems the family law system still needs some major changes.   
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