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Have I crossed a line here?

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Gecko said
Surely your children should come first? I sense an expectation that you may have in regards to access to your children in 9 months (after your deployment). You surely do not expect your ex to sit and wait and jump to your wishes. because you then come home.

Argh, Gecko, you sound like one of these lovely ladies from school I had lunch with one day, when they were discussing a recent break up and how the husband did not deserve to see his kids because he left his wife for another woman.

Why would Sleepy's ex have to "jump to his wishes"? What does wanting to spend time with his kids have to do with her? Whatever happened between the adults has absolutely nothing to do with the kids!

I so want to use capital letters, because posts like these make me angry and ashamed to be a women. Get over yourself, Gecko!!!
Just an update guys, I saw my children and met her current partner on Saturday was very awkward but I enjoyed my first contact with them in over three months. She has recieved a letter from my lawyer with my offer for orders and has rejected them citing she is seeking legal aid. I can't unfortunately knock back my deployment as it's my only hope to get this case on the roll but believe me it's crossed my mind. Thankyou all for your support.
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