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Police station?

I was talking to an old mate and it seems that hand overs don't necessarily have to be at community centres that cater for this. Can a police station be used?
I know a couple of cases where a police station has been ordered by a court, when no change over center was located in the area.
Oh boy! We have been handing over at a place midway for both of us when it suits her. Now she says there is a centre by her house, I live by the beach and she lives on the other side of town by the foothills. Oh well I guess this is nothing in the bigger picture of things. Her comments are "I say where and when you will pick him up." It's the 21st century and in one day with CSA and this I have learned that the system does not care for the non "live with" parent and thus they don't care about the child either it seems.

My God! How can a person hate another more than they love their child? How can a person disregard a childs wishes, and needs, for more time because she is counting the days to receive the maximun CS?
Ossman welcome to the world of separation.
theres nothing wrong with a cop shop its in my court order if we cannot agree (cop shop is default location)
Another common choice is Mcdonalds or similar. One parent stays inside and the other stays outside. Even if there is a DVO in place this is a perfectly acceptable solution, since it is public and there are many other people around.

Best of luck, I know what it's like having an ex that likes to play silly-buggers.
The thing is since I am in the initial progress of getting mediation do I have a say? Or ,for now, I just have to suck it up until mediation? Any attempt on my part is met with a "no, my way or the highway." I mean she is just making it harder for me, that's all she is doing,. I live20kms from her and we use to meet halfway, that is, until I decided on mediation. Now she says she'll choose where and when.
Ossman - you will be sucking it up for a while until you are both before a magistrate who will then call the shots. I can tell you she will hate that!

hang in there. Go through the process, you are on the right track. Make sure your court orders specify a location half way between both your residences. You can get the magistrate on side by saying that it breaks the travel time for the kids and makes it easier for them.
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