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Family law

Short of the story is this…..

I have been fighting for my daughter for 3 years and now have orders.The mother continues to make contact and access difficult and still sends emails criticising me on a regular basis.I live 7 hours away from my child and fly up to bring her home, she is only 5.

I have been planning to move to be closer to her as I am really concerned about the unstable life she is forced to be part of.When I informed the mother I was planning to move she informed me that she is moving another 10 hours away and said she'd already told me? I dont want her to move and feel like her mother will always go out of her way to try and make my relationship with my child difficult.I also told her I would agree to her move, just so she wouldn't deny my next access visit. But I really don't want her to move. Have I done the wrong thing by stating I did agree when I don't and will I be able to stop her from moving away? It just seems if I dont bow down to her every demand she makes my life a living hell. All I want to do is have a great relationship with my child without her continual rubbish.
The mother is not making your relationship difficult with your child, she is making it difficult because she does not want any contact or site off you. Sometimes we have to hate people for what they do to you, but we still have to have contact with them.
If i was you I would print out ever email as a hard copy and start a book. Then I would move closer to your child providing you are able to get work, it may take you a year or two. Once you have moved there and she wants to move 10 hours away, then you would be able to stop her from moving.

Keep a record of all your expenses from day 1 when you visit your daughter, then you can make a claim for travel against the amount of child support you pay.
Thanks for the info Taylor.

I do keep a record of everything and have for a very long time.

Whether the girl likes me or not, isn't really the issue though(I'm not her biggest fan either) The only thing I'm concerned about is my child and what is best for her.

What I am worried about is if I put in a recovery order to the courts, what is the likelihood of it being approved?

Is it likely that they will make her share costs if she chooses to move further?

Am I best to notify her and tell her that I am not actually in agreement with her move?

The court ordered equal shared but still I continue to have no say in my childs life at all.

Please anyone that has any info to offer which may be useful, I really would be grateful :-(
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