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Flying my son to see me as a Qantas unaccompanied minor

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Flying my son to see me as a Qantas unaccompanied minor

Hello there,

I want to fly my almost 7yr old son from Brisbane to Alice Springs by Qantas as an unaccompanied minor. Qantas require that minors must be at least 5yrs old. He currently lives with his mother and sister. His mother is refusing to allow this trip despite there being clear clauses on the court orders regarding designated holiday time with me in the event that the 2 parties cannot agree on dates/times.

I am now considering Federal Family Court intervention to uphold my right to parental access. Can anyone think of a reason why the court may not uphold my application for the breach if it is clearly written in the court orders?

Thanks for your time :)
I would suggest that you consider joining the SRL-Resource where you could get assistance fighting against any contravention of the court orders. The SRL-Resource details can be found by clicking on Community near the top and then on SRL-Resource that appears over to the left.
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