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Family violence

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Could someone please offer some insight...


I have a protection order with mandatory conditions, I have had others throughout the duration of the 10 year marriage.  
My estranged husband has been physically violent as well as verbally abusive towards me in front of the children on numerous occassions.(No Injuries)

He also assaulted our son twice(kicking him ond slapping him repeatedly until he was doubled over in pain and dragging him downstairs and accross a footpath by the arm screaming). He was 9 years old at the time.  I left him soon after the assault on our son.  I didn't report the assaults to the police and there were no broken bones or bruising.

Since separation he has spent time with the children supervised with myself present as the eldest child is petrified of his father.  He took the children for two overnights at the reccommendation of a marriage councellor.  The children came home from the visits un-bathed, dirty in the same clothes they left in.  And told me their father got himself takeaway for dinner whilst he left the children at home by themselves (Ages 3,7,10) He then has his own dinner and went to bed without feeding the children.  The eldest made 2 minute noodles for them all.

He has had drug and alcohol issues throughout the 10 years.  He admitted post separation to a drinking problem and started seeing a psychologist for a short period of time. He also made a suicide threat that I reported to the police.

Post separation he physically assaulted both of my parents in front of the children and is being tried on criminal assault charges and one count of breeching a DVO.  There is a history of mental illness in his family. I suspect he is Borderline Personality Disorder.
Since separation he has been the most vindictive and unstable I have ever seen.

He is having no contact with the children at the moment because he is subject to bail conditions of no contact with me or my family.
He has started going to the childrens schools and daycare and threatened to take the children as well as become hostile and aggressive to the staff who have made a formal complaint to the police because the staff felt threatned and unsafe as he was driving around the daycare center on 3 separate occassions.

He scares the living daylights out of me!
What sort of arrangements should I be pushing for the best interests of the children?

Thanking you in advance for some advice.

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