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Family Reports and Public Distribution

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Hi all. I was wondering if the family reports that are generated by the family consultant are open to public distribution. Reason I ask is that mine contained a lot of personal medical information as well as my history as a victim of serious crime and subsequent PTSD. I have reason to believe that my ex has shown this report to my son's school counsellor and others in an attempt to denigrate me and sabotage my credibility to people and places to which my son may come in contact. He has threatened to show this report in an email in order to 'show people what I am really like'. Any ideas of if this is acceptable legally for him to use the report in such a way?
Family reports are for the people who they are written for! They are highly confidential.

I was even warned not to disclose I showed my parents.
Thanks confusedmother, I didn't think it could be shown around to all and sundry, I don't even have a copy of it but I know it details a lot of my past and nasty events etc. Thank you for your reply, x
An appropriately worded letter should be sent. These reports are most confidential. Showing these to people who do not have a full understanding of the case file can have major repercussions on parties and you need to deal with this immediately and in most clear terms. If you are not represented it would be worth considering spending a few dollars on an appropriately worded letter from a qualified practitioner who has some understanding of the importance of the issue.. The school should not need to be involved in any of the material provided to the court other than being aware of terms in the final orders.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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Thankyou Secretary SPCA, I will do that. Your post was most helpful and appreciated.
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