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Ive been to see LEgal AId today and they said that the family Law courts are different in WA and the Acts are different.

Hi, Just wanted advice on the Family Law System in Western Australia.

Ive been to see LEgal AId today and they said that the family Law courts are different in WA and the Acts are different.

can anyone please explain this in more detail for me, i want to temporarily relocate and am just about to file a Form 1 with the orders im requesting. The Legal Aid women said it could take over a year to get an answer……. I want to relocate January to December next year. In this time the child will still see the other parent i do not expect to take her for a year without seeing him… Is there any way to try and get it through the courts a bit quicker please….. I'm very confused and lost on the matter and will have to self represent myself in court.

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You should also file an Application in a Case with the form 1 asking for an expedited trial and you should get a hearing in a matter of weeks. Have you tried to come to an agreement with the other parent instead of taking legal action?
Thanks Fairgo do you know what form that would be or what its called. Yes i have tried with other party tried everything - but hes still so bitter with me he cant see the personal benefits for me and our child and just loves the power he has over me not going. Sad really cause if he got offered a job to work away for a year he would be gone within minutes but hey i am trying tothe right thing. EVen by bringing his daughter regularly at my expense for regular visits. If i calculated the number of days and nights he would have her in accordance to my orders next year it would be alot more than he has the last year.
An Application in a Case is a form 2 - you would either ask for interim orders to temporarily relocate or for an expedited trial to sort the matter out. That should get you a general listing hearing in front of a magistrate for some interim and or procedural orders. Better file it now to beat the Christmas rush.
Awesome Fairgo thanks thats very helpful - would i still need to complete form 1 with the form 2 even though i dont want official parenting orders and neither does my ex its purely for relocation orders.
Yes you still need to file the form 1 - You can probably use the same Affidavit for both forms.

Hmmm… If your ex does not want official parenting orders, why are you doing this?
Not sure why i thought it would be better to get consistency in our lives as he isnt most reliable when it comes to having her but think ill skip applying for them as more hastle than its worth. Going to hand in the Form 1 and Form 2 today at the courts so fingers crossed Thanks Fairgo so much for your advice its been a great help.
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