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False evidence in an interim intervention order

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evil people

I live in QLD, and was served an Interim Intervention Order. It's a Victorian application, and it is under the Magsitrate's Court Stalking Interventions Act 2008.

The applicant is somebody who owes our family a substantial amount of money; he was our accountant, and he simply ripped us off.

He diverted the money in question, from rollover accounts, and a stream annuity, and we are in the process of filling out the Fraud Squad reports, so as they involve.

The accountant is backed into a corner; he has a prior record for the same offences, and did jail time we now find out.

He's trying to stop us calling him demanding our money, and has put in his application, that our contact is causing him depression and he fears for his well being; he went on to give specific accounts of phone conversations he alleges occurred between myself, and him; the problem is, it wasn't me, it was another person, and that person will appear in court, besides that, the phone records on the mobiles, clearly show that it was the applicant phoning.

He conned a gullible assistant Registrar; I made a recent appearance to answer the application, but the application that was served on me, did not have the reasons for the application; it was after the answer that I made by appearing to give notice of my intention to contest, that I received a full copy of the application, with the reasons for application; if I had known the reasons when I was before the Magistrate, it may have been different.

The contest is set down for early next year, and no amount of informing the Magistrate, that by allowing the Interim Order to stand, is causing us not to be able to attempt to recover our money.

The Application will be blown out of the water with the evidence I will place before the court, and the applicant will need to be charged under Sec 20 of the crimes act, but in the meantime, the applicant is abusing the process of the courts to thwart our attempts to recover the money; he even had senior counsel at the first answer appearance.

Any thoughts or suggestions to assist; to appear it already cost me some $1500.00, and to contest will cost at least 3 times that.
This appears not to be a family law matter. We only deal with family law.

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