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False allegations

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My Partner is trying to make contact with his son who is now 13 years old, he has not seen or had any contact with him for 8 years.

He has wrote letters to him with no answers, last week he tried to befriend him on facebook and recived a message that was most likley written by the mother accusing him of sexually molesting his 2 sisters, this infact is not true as one of the daughters lives with us and is now 20 years old, the mother dosent know that she is with us, 8 years ago the kids where removed from my partner by the police after the mother got a removal order from the court on the grounds that he had sexually abused her 16 year old daughter from a previous relationship who had been living with him for 3 years, no chargers where ever brought against my partner as they where made up just to get the kids into her full time care.

she is now accusing him of assulting both girls. this is killing my partner and i dont know how i can help him, or how we can get contact with the son without having to talk to the mother.

just how does he get to contact him if the mother reading his mail and answering messages on facebook.
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