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Ex is dignosed as Bipolar

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If a parent is diagnosed as bipolar and refuses medication.

Just a quick question.

My ex has been dignosed as bipolar and was prescibed medication but refuses to take it.

My ex has many misdirected anger issues which have been there for ever,way before I arrived in her life,even her family have stated all this to me. She is not calm enough to even pick her battles and has a "scorched earth policy" that often changes towards all. IE. Somedays she likes the schools and teacher,another day she wants 2 have them sacked. One day she likes other parents, one day she hates them all. To cut this short,if she doesn't hear what she wants to hear then everyone is wrong, health professionals, counsillers etc. But worst she will argue with my  7yo son and adopt his language and immaturity when fighting. Often telling him " I hate you too!" Can this be taken up in court or is this privledged info for her psychiatrist only?
If you witness it then you can use it as evidence. Even better if someone else sees it and will testify for you. If your son tells you without being prompted you can include this in your affidavit.
Thanks Fairgo. As in seeing it no. But she has told me this in many unguarded moments when she rings me out of desperation and, unfortunately, some scary words.

I will, and never will, promt my son. He has told me about how he can not ask his mom about wanting to spend a little more time with me. 'From the mouth of babes'  he has stated " I can't ask her, she always get very sad at me" and "she was so mad at me she put me in my room to bed. I was so hungry, she did not let me eat." I think things have just taken a turn, in the fact that, 'the penny has dropped!'  "Alas,terrible is knowledge when it brings no profit to the man that's now wise!" I think she is not very well at all and my son is now in the firing line like I have been. I know previously she had to get help with her managing my son.I have never had behaviour problems with him that is not normal for a child his age. Mainly because I know not to fight with him for every minute of the day. As I said she fight with anyone at the drop of the hate." Scorched earth policy!"  She also has been a worry with her various diagnosis of my son. She has stated he may have, from, Aspergers to declaring he needs a child psychologist. Again, even her family shakes their head about her opinions. He is just a normal child to me, and anyone else.  I'm starting to get worried! Now that I have decided to examine things closer.  Fore as he gets older he is now articulating his words to convey feelings.
Perhaps you had better keep a well written diary as this can be used as evidence in court. Make sure you keep this in mind when choosing words.
Diagnosed with Bipolar or Bipolar II? And why is she refusing to take her medication?
She chose not to take them because, (1) She had a bad reaction, skin rash. (2) She wanted to get her libido back for her BF. She told me all this.  All very real side effects. I'm on antidepressants and I have changed medications until I found the correct one. But in her case she chose not to take anything thus my son and I have to deal with her complete irrational behaviour. 
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