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need help

I am unfortunately at the beginning the divorce process.

I have tried to work with my spouse to get custody of our 2 sons, finances, settlement,etc, without resorting to Solicitors.

One minute she agrees with me, the next, she changes her mind.

I am afraid she is playing mind-games with me which I find very stressful.

I have been advised to speak to a Family Law Solicitor but dont know where to look.

I live in the Glen Iris, Victoria area.

Can anyone advise me or recommens a good Family Law Solicitor ?

Thanks in advance.
I have tried to work with my spouse to get custody of our 2 sons

Remove the word 'custody' from your vocabulary. The term 'custody' is 'dead, buried and cremated'.

When you say 'custody' - do you mean that you are seeking that they 'live with' you full-time?

Yes I know some good family solicitors in your area.

I've created The Family Law Directory specifically for this purpose.

Before I list family lawyers in the Directory I research them as much as possible. I read judgements where they have represented a party. I talk to them. Ask them lots of questions. Try to find out what area of law they're best in. Try to get a handle on their personalities. How their staff communicate to me, etc.

In Sydney I will observe solicitors in court.

Not all firms are listed. I haven't gotten to everyone yet. Some firms/solicitors I will never be listed in the directory because I don't like how they operate or they plan suck! Unfortunately I can't identify these firms/solicitors.

Contact me through my web site and I'll help you get in touch with a couple good family lawyers. URL's at the bottom of page.

First off, try and find a solicitor that is Family Law Accredited. The yellow pages may help there. I suggest also that you find one that is either close to where you live or where you work and has easy parking as this cuts down an lot of travel time and helps you get documentation to them in a timely manner.

To cut down on costs, find out what you can do i.e. prepare your facts in point dot form to assist them in preparing your affidavits eg. dates of birth of all of the family, what schools you kids attend and in what year. It also helps greatly if you prepare a chronology of events i.e. when you were married, when the kids popped out, where and when both parties worked and in what capacity, when you brought property and when things like your marriage broke down and date of separation.

All solicititors that do family law must give you a table of costs which includes how much it is for them to take or make a phone call, read a page of  a document, fax a page and consult with you.

Please don't die at the costs!

Although I do personally know of some solicitors in your area whom I think are quite efficient and cost effective, you need to find one that you feel comfortable with. Remember a large firm of solicitors may not be as good as a small firm.

Another trick is to look at any family case law through AustLii whose facts or circumstances are similar to yours that have been decided in Melbourne as even though that parties names have been changed, their legal representative's names remain the same - this helps sort the winners from the losers.

Hope this helps.

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