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Good morning all,

I just wanted to ask what it means when a FM says after an Interim Hearing, that the parties are to come back in x amount of months for 'Further Directions'?

Does that mean that they want to see how everything has gone in the interim, how the parties and children are coping? Also, if a Family Consultant is recommending a review of all the parties again (including children), and that time is months after the date of 'Directions', what is the the FM likely to do?

I would think it means the FM will then leave the interim orders in place until a further report has been done and THEN make final orders after this time. Essentially leaving us all in limbo for many more months to come. I understand this is probably to give ample time to assess the situation and how the children are coping with the gradual increase in access with my ex because the increase in the interim orders takes a while to build up to the what the FM ordered when we were last in court.

I know this might seem silly or obvious but I was just hoping to see if anyone on here has been in a  this situation like this or knows what I might expect (see into the future……..a big ask, I know)

Thanks in advanceO_o

An interim hearing is just that, a set of orders which are tempory. There can be one, two or more interim hearings where tempory orders are put in place by a magistrate or by consent. This means that the magistrate wants to see you back in court again and he may then ask for an updated report in preparation for a final hearing or a further interim.

A directions hearing is a hearing where the magistrate sets directions or in other words tells you what he wants done, usually in preparation for the next court hearing. To my limited knowledge a directions hearing is usually to give dates as to what is to be done before the final hearing and at the same time to see if the parties have come to agreement. Orders can be changed at a directions hearing if by consent or by judgement, but not as a final judgement unless it is orders by consent ( you both want and agree to the orders ).

Hope this is a help.
Ok, great....Thanks very much, that was a big help Kalimnadancer.

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