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Contravention or New appication in case

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Unsure which one

My brother has court orders in place but for the past three years has not seen his child. Legal aid has refused to help as he already has court orders in place. He wants to represent himself in court , but he is not sure whether to file a contravention of orders or an apllication in case again. He tried through a solictor for mediation and her solicitor senrt back a letter saying they refused, although this was not through recognised mediation centre. She refuses to talk and will not bring the child have time with him. They have had years of litigation since the childs birth 14 years ago. So he is not sure whether to file the Application contravention or do another appliaction in case. Also is it worth trying through a registered mediation centre and see if she offically refuses that before going to court. 
After 3 years he will have some trouble running a contravention as he has "acquiesced" to the situation.

For an application he will need to start the process in the FRC or with an approved mediator.

What is the child's attitude? At 14 years of age the Court will give a very great weight to the child's wishes.

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re still unsure

Thanks for that. Yes the child has expressed reservation about seeing his Father. This is mainly due to the other party telling the child Father does not want to see him. When in fact she has been the one withhoilding the child. There is a fair bit of parental alignment or parent alienation as they call it. But even if in court the child states he does not want to see the Father. Is it not still in the childs best intersts to have a meaningful relationship with his Father. Given the fact the Father has no history of violence, physical mental emotional or sexual abuse and does not have a mental illness. Also that the Father had succesful contact with the child for 11 years since the age of 15 when he became the Father and they seperated shortly after that.

The Father has made contact with a FRC and they have sent another letter requesting mediation. If she refuses as we expect her to. He is still not sure whether to file a new appication in case. Or as there are orders in place already is there something he could get for them orders to be enforced. Any suggestion would be helpful. I succesfully represented myself and obtained shared care for my child , but this case and all the years of litigation is alot different. I dont understand why he has to file a new appicationj when there are orders in place and he is not the one breaking those orders.
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