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Consequences of contravening a consent order.

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Due to travel I am considering purposely contravening my consent orders

I moved to new location to be with my fianc six months ago. It is now a ten hour drive (800km) for my son to see his father. Due to consent orders I am forced to drive the entire distance. 5 hours Friday, 5 hours Sunday every second weekend. It is costing too much and both my son and I are tired of the amount of travel we are doing each month. Although I am trying to have the orders amended my ex is making things hard and asking for things I cannot agree to so as to prevent amended orders and have to take some of the traveling and lessen the amount of times our son has to travel. I am at the point of saying no more and simply not taking my son to see his Father but leave the option for him to travel to his son in order to still spend time with him. What are the consequences of my actions if I simply stop doing as the consent orders state I must do???
Worst case scenario, you could be ordered to move back or you could be ordered to leave your child with the father.  

You chose to move, so why should he be the one to "suck it up", so to speak?
You could also be made to wear all or most of the travel costs as you were the one who moved. You are the one making the child travel such a distance, so you need to take responsibilty for impact it has on the child.

How has this either improved or at least maintained the relationship of the child with the father?
It would have been much wiser, and better for your child if you had thought of all this in the first place.

The procedure, as far as I am aware, would have been to attempt to work something out with the other parent. If that was not possible then back to mediation, and failing that, off to court to explain to the FM why you need to move, and in what ways the move will benefit your child.

At some point you became aware of your son's right to spend time with both of his parents, as you entered into consent orders, but now it seems you have decided that your fiance and yourself are more important than the rights of your child. What made you think the other parent would just roll over this time?

And of course he's sick of travelling! Quite possibly sick of hearing you complain about it also!!

A child is a gift, not a weapon. To be a parent is a privilege, one which unfortunately some parents do not deserve.
You up & moved 5 hours away and now you're upset with your ex because he won't share the cost of the implications of you moving? How would you feel if your ex had moved 5 hours away and asked you to pay the travel costs for the child to see him?

He would have a good case if the orders are changed to get a reduction in payable child support because of the greatly increased costs of him maintaining a relationship with the child.

Maybe you & Fiancee should move back closer?

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