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Consent Orders

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Can consent orders be made if one party isn't in agreement?

As above I was just wondering if consent orders that is a parenting plan that has been agree'd too by both parents be turned into a consent order without my agreement?

If so can I fight it?

Thanks in advance
'consent orders' mean just that, by consent of both parties.  If you made an agreement /parenting plan and agreed to it but have now changed your mind, it cannot be made into 'consent orders' without both of your signatures.

There is nothing to 'fight' in terms of it being accepted by the court as 'consent orders'.

I have to ask though (as someone who made an agreement with my ex in court reportable mediation only to have him now refuse to sign the agreement) why you would make a parenting plan and have agreement and then go back on it?

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.
Basically she isnt going by our agreement we set in mediation and im not happy with the amount of time im getting with my daughters (15 1/2 HRS since December 24th 2010) and when i mentioned that I wanted to return to mediation to try and get my concerns addressed in a forum she replied that she was intending to get our current agreement made into a consent order, which I was unsure if she could do without my signature. BUt it seems she can't so thankyou for your correspondence :)
Basically shes not going by our agreement and to date ive seen my daughters for very few hours since December 2010 so I decided to get some more mediation to address my grievences without it turning into a mud slinging match, which she decided that she wouldnt attend and now says she wants to get our current agreement made into a consent order which i was sure couldnt occur unless I signed off on it as well.
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