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confused?????? what can i do now?

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ex isnt returning my kids when they have been living with me for 2 yrs

i have 3 kids that have been living with me for the past couple of years as their mother dropped them off to me claiming that she was going to rehab to seek help as she was an alcohlic, but instead of seeking that help she moved in with her new boyfriend. (even though she did have an alcohol problem as i have wittnessed) she had still not attempted to seek that help.

t.  pickin them up

long story short in those couple of years she had only seen the kids three or four times and not made any attempt to pick them up, spend time with the kids, or in any way contributed to there well being or provide anything for them in that case.
as the arrangement was for her to have them every fortnite and that she was to pick them up but instead just recieved endless excuses to why she wasnt.

she finally made an effort after six months of her being unheard from to organise to pick up the kids for the school holidays.
i knew my kids were missing their mum and as a parent i wouldnt want the kids to miss out on spending time with her.
 so we agreed that she pick them up from their school for the holidays and for her to bring them back to the school after the holidays.

the night before arangment was supose to come in place recieve a sms stating that the kids want to live with her.
i went to the police station they couldnt do anything as there is no order so the nest day i rang for legal advice n have now put in a application for a recovery order.

it has been two weeks now and the order was classified as urgent and still nothing?

i have rang them several times and they jus keep informing me that it is in the process

my kids have rang me from her phone since then while she was asleep to say that they wanted to come home i now have the address but cant do anything????

any suggestions of what other actions i can take while this recovery location order is in the process or which athorties can i seek help in with getting them back sooner as i have their current address? or even advice to what i shouldnt do????
Collect you kids, on the basis of historical events it is in the best interest of the children to not have extended absence from their primary carer.  you can explain they were calling requesting you to get them.
Have the court papers been filed? Upon filing you are given a court date. OR is it still in the hands of your lawyer?

Regardless go to her home and get the kids. The police will not assist.
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