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concerned grandmother

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I am a concerned mother and grndmotherr .my son and his ex wife 's marriage broke up 2 years ago mainly due to financial reasons at first My son dislikes confrontation and has never stood up for himself unfortunatly his ex is the opposite.after many tantrums from her he allowed her to get a passport for their daughter and went over seas 12mnths later and more tantrums he allowed her to move 5 hrs away thinking it would be better 4 all this and pcked her up one weekend per month  it was an agreement that was ine until they now are divorced she asked my son to have their daughter 4 a week while she supposibly went to hospital we found out that she was actually over sees when my son rang to inform her of his relationship with his new partner . since this has happened she is constantally sending him menacing texts and threatening his visitation rights that  they came to an agreement through their solicitors refusing him to speak to his daughter on the designated times and saying she does not want to come this weekend he is in dispare .my husband and I have only spoken to him as we have no contact with her.
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