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Common assault

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Not showing up

On the weekend I was charged with common assault by the police after an argument with my wife. Her verbal statement said that I grabbed and squeezed her arm. I elected to not make a statement and denied it.

I have no criminal record and am 41 years old.

I want to ask someone what will happen if I don't go to court ?It's scheduled on a day that I have to be at work.

She's back at home and everything is fine now.
Editor said
 subsequently posted also:

I'd like to ask someone what would happen if I did not turn up for court?

I am 41 years old and have no criminal record.

On the weekend I was charged with assault against my wife. I think her statement was verbal - not sure if she signed anything I'd have to check.
However it said I grabbed her arm and squeezed it until it hurt.

I elected not to give a statement and denied the allegation. So I am due to go next Tuesday and it's a day I have to be at work. She won't be there either. So if I don't show what will happen?
Everything might be fine at home but its not fine with the Police. They will continue to press for a conviction and have unlimited resources and unlimited time. Under amendments passed in most states your partner will have no involvment in asking for matters to be dropped as the Police can and will continue the matter to its end. The Government has made it very clear over the last year in particular that there is to be zero tolerance in relation to Domestic Violence cases. We are seeing a large increase now in reported cases and also a big rise in females being charged.

In my view, you most certainly need to make arrangements to attend. Others may care to disagree, but I have always found that where the party attends and puts their case to the Judicial officer, then a better assesment can be determined and often undertakings can be agreed that are far less impacting.   

You may be able to make arrangements to have the matter deferred for a short time but you would need to call the respective local court where the matter is being listed. If you do not attend orders may be made by default. There are many threads here about this sort of thing and information about turning up or not in relation to Intervention orders, DVO and AVO hearings…so use the search engine to locate similar topics. Do take the matter seriously, Don't turn up in boardies and a beach shirt either !! …

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I must agree with the last post. You do need to take this more seriously. I am suprised that there is no AVO application as part of this.

Police will NOT have taken the matter to court on just a verbal statement by your wife.You will find they have prepared far more thouroughlly than you seem to think. If you have been charged it will not not be dropped just because you choose not to turn up. If you have been charged she does not have to turn up.

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I agree with the previous two posts and would also add that should you not turn up without in the very least advising the court it is quite likely that a warrant would be issued for non appearance. If you feel that you have a case for pleading not guilty, start preparing, should you feel that it would be appropriate to plead guilty start preparing your mitigating circumstances. 

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Cannot appear

Thank you. Yes I did sign a statement.

I have been reading abouta section 10 - it may be the way to go.

The problem still being that I don't think I can make it there next Tuesday.

Can it be adjourned without appearing?

Can I write a letter?
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