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Child travelling interstate

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My children live with me and it is court ordered that they go to their fathers every 2nd weekend for 4 nights and also the second half of school holidays.  He has not had his children for the past 2 years (his choice).  I have always had the children available on his days but he never turns up to collect them.  He refuses to answer any emails etc.  Our eldest son is graduating primary school this year and my sister who lives in WA wants to give him a trip over there as a reward.  What I am wanting to know is if I have to get my ex's permission for my son to travel.  The time he is gone will be during my part of the xmas holidays so it will not affect his contact time (although he does not exercise this time anyway).

Our court orders are very basic. E.g. who the children live with and states we have joint parental responsibility.
You are certainly ok to travel with your child interstate and you don't need his permission. If it hypothetically fell on his time, then you technically would.

But then the real argument you have is that he gas abandoned the child and if it went back to court, it will not look good for him at all.

Child travelling interstate

How CSA might view this situation, if you were not to travel with your son.

My wifes son, who was 17 at the the time, travelled interstate with 5 of his mates, to go fruit picking for 1 week. He had his licence and had finished school for the year early, just graduating year 11. This was not in the fathers contact times, if he were to exercise that right, which he seldom did.

Father (nasty fella) rings and informs CSA,   mother has abandoned the child,  son is living on his own, supporting himself, mother is keeping CS and sons youth allowance for her own benefit.

CSA harassed my wife, told her ,(argued ferociously) son was not in her care. CSA stated that my wife, must go around to neighbors and they must write letters to confirm son is living with her. CSA said they would not except letter from friends or family as they would have an interest in the matter. Son had already returned, at the time of the conversation. My wife explained son was away for one week and is already home. She expressed to CSA, that to go around to strangers, was an invasion of her and her sons privacy.

CSA made the decision, on the same day as phone call, that son was in less than regular care of his mother, on the basis my wife refused to provide CSA with letters from strangers, the required information. She never refused, she said I am not able to provide that information at this time.  CSA at that time stopped collecting any CS for 3 months.

My wife collapsed 2 days later from hyperventilating for two days after the CSA call, ambulance attended as her symptoms were so severe they thought she was having a stroke.

My wife got legal advice, sent a FOI to amend personal records, with evidence from school teachers, landlord and local fire chief, as son was also a volunteer fire fighter in our community.

CSA said they would not amend records as it was the opinion of the father.  WHAT THA???

At same time, CSA had issued a DPO against me, as I was travelling for a nine week trial in UK for a job. Coincidence ????

Coincidence that my ex has bestied the fathers new wife. But thats a whole other tragic topic.
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