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Is there a chat room on this site?
No, not that I am aware of.  There is a private area where Moderators discuss cases which is not in view of the general public.

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 There are chat rooms (general and private) however their use is currently restricted and also rarely used. I believe that making the chat feature available is not considered a high priority and also that their use, other than as currently restricted, would only be allowed after very careful consideration as much of what is said on here needs careful consideration as the matters dealt with, if dealt with wrongly, could have serious consequences.

However yellowduck, if you put a convincing argument forward, as to why they should be available then I'm pretty sure your argument would be considered.
A lot of development was done on a chat room and it is available in test but as yet has not been deployed.There are a number of complexities with chat including integration with notifications as to who is on line and options to ensure you have the option to remain "off line" if required. There has not been a lot of pressure to deploy a chat facility from members.

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